by John Whitehead

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Ten original tunes written and performed by John Whitehead


released December 1, 2010

Maybe This Time: John Whitehead, guitar and lead vocal; Brian Roessler, bass; Kip Jones, violin: Piano and keys; Rahjta Ren, piano; David Hedding, harmony vocal

John Whitehead, acoustic and electric guitars, lead vocal; John Haer, bass; Deb Carlson, harmony vocal; David Hedding, synth bass, organ, swirly keys: Alec James Knutson, slide guitar

And The Creek Don’t Rise:
John Whitehead, acoustic guitar, lead vocal; Harmonies, Deb Carlson and David Hedding; Brian Roessler, Bass; Fiddle, Kip Jones, banjo, Pete Hennig

Original Sin: John Whitehead, acoustic guitar and lead vocal; John Jenkins, piano; Alec James Knutson, rhythm electric and slide guitars; John Haer, bass

Land of My Dreams
John Whitehead: guitar and vocal; Deb Carlson, harmony vocal; Kip Jones, fiddle; Nick Jordan; Irish flute; Brian Roessler, bass

John Whitehead, vocal and guitar; Deb Carlson, harmony vocal; Brian Roessler, bass; Kip Jones, fiddle

Pygmy Bone
John Whitehead, acoustic and electric guitars; Deb Carlson harmony vocal; Eric Paulson, bass; David Hedding, keys

My Father’s Hat
John guitar and vocal; Pete Henning, drums. Brian Roessler, bass; Kip Jones, fiddlle

Snowin’ All Over the World
John Whitehead, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin; Eric Paulson, bass: David Hedding, drums

Lovin’ Enough
John Whitehead, acoustic guitar and vocal; Eric Paulson, bass; Rahjta Ren, piano

Produced By John Whitehead. Recorded, Mixed and mastered by David Hedding at
Glacier Studios, Minneapolis, MN.

Additional guitar tracks recorded by David Tousley
at Root Bass Studio, Minneapolis.

This project percolated for a long time before completion. I made a first stab at a solo album back in 2006, recording four tracks at Gary Bartig’s nordeast Minneapolis studio. Then I hit a wall and lost momentum. I got back on the horse at David Tousely’s studio in 2007--completing basic guitar tracks for six tunes but still no cigar. Brian Wilson once said you need two main things to succeed as a songwriter—confidence and persistence. By the time I met David Hedding in 2009, I had gained enough of each and was able to finish the project. I learned an enormous amount doing this collection. I hope I live long enough to make another record. But at the rate I’m cranking them out—don’t hold your breath!

Thanks to all the musicians who lent their talent to the project: John Haer, David Hedding, Pete Hennig, John Jenkins, Kip Jones, Nick Jordan, Alec James Knutson, Eric Paulson, Rahjta Ren, Brian Roessler. Special thanks to Deb Carlson, an amazing singer, harmonizer and friend. Ditto to the Blue Yodel N0. 9 boys—Stew Lelievre, Scott Washburn and John Haer for putting up with me and supporting my music. Thanks to Gary Bartig and David Tousely for lending their ears. Merci, Mr. Roland Trenary for lyric editing on “Pygmy Bone”. Kudos to my online friends at, especially John Jenkins (Woofer John) for piano on “Original Sin”.

Muchas gracias to David Hedding who brings so much to the table with his musicianship, Buddha-like calm, and painterly approach toward sound. Finally… thanks to Suzanne, my skippin’stone, for her unconditional love and support. There’s still lovin’ enough.

Portrait photos, Nick Felice. Details photos, John Whitehead



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John Whitehead St Paul, Minnesota

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